Friday, 28 December 2012

Top 5 New Year’s Eve Apps for Android

Top 5 New Year’s Eve Apps for Android

A roundup of suggested Android apps you ought to have to help welcome the New Year.

The New Year is almost here, and it’s time to start preparing for the festivities. Now I’m not talking about outfits and clothing accessories mind you, but  smartphone apps that you ought to have on hand to make sure your ring in 2012 safely and with lots of fun.
From a BAC calculator to a drink guide, I’ve rounded up five of the better Android apps to have installed for New Year’s Eve.


Mixology is a handy app to have around, especially if you?re entertaining ?thirsty? guests.
Browse and search through 7,900+ drink recipes and 1,300+ ingredients.
Search drinks by name or ingredient(s), view lists of many of the most popular mixed drinks, cocktails, and shots, or tap the ?Random? tab for to find a drink based on liquor, mixer, and glassware criteria.
If you run low on drinks it has a liquor store locater to find nearby stores using Google Maps and GPS.
Price: FREE (upgrade to ad-free version for $1.49)

Taxi Mojo

Taxi Mojo is a hassle-free Taxi Finder app for iPhone that simplifies the hassle of hailing a cab (if u can even find one on NYE).
You can use Taxi Mojo to place an order for a taxi cab pickup, and track it live as it makes its way towards you!
In a hurry? Add a ?bounty? (cash bonus) for an even faster pickup if the cab driver makes it to your location within a 10 min deadline. The bounty is paid to the driver for bumping you up the list of his priorities.
The only downside is that it?s not available in every city (list here) , but if it is the sheer convenience makes it worthy of mention.
Price: FREE

Times Square Official New Year?s Eve Ball App

Join millions of revelers around the world to celebrate New Year?s Eve 2012 LIVE from New York?s Times Square.
Upload a pic of your family, friends, and you for possible placement on Toshiba Vision in the heart of Times Square for the world to see.
Features a webcam and livestream coverage of the event as well as a handy countdown timer.
Price: FREE

Social Interlock

Social Interlock is another must-have iPhone app for New Year?s Eve. It requires users to pass simple motor skill tests before they can access their Facebook, MySpace (it?s still around?), or Twitter accounts.
Social Interlock is a great way to make sure you don?t post any compromising pics taken while under the influence for the world to see.
The developer says that for the best results the official apps for these sites should be removed from your phone to limit your ability to bypass the sobriety check.
Price: $0.99

Blood Alcohol Calculator

Blood Alcohol Calculator app is an absolutely must-have app for anybody planning on getting behind the wheel this New Year?s Eve, or for the diligent who want to keep tabs on their sober driver.
The app is fairly straightforward and easy-to-use. Enter your weight, number and type of drinks, and hours spent drinking to see what your BAC is.
You can add drinks by volume and alcohol content to make an even more accurate reading.
Price: FREE

Have a Happy New Year!
Stay tuned.