Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Change Your Voice On Skype and Fool Others:

Making fool someone is always a funny stuff. Here is another trick through which you can fool your friends on skype by changing your voice. CLOWNFISH is a software which provide some fake voices and with the help of that we are going to complete this naughty steps. But please don't try to cheat others through this trick, this is just for fun .


1) Open SKYPE.

If you don't have skype installed in your system, Download it from Below link ↓↓

2) Now you need a software called CLOWNFISH. 

Download It From Here ↓↓
3) After downloading both, install clownfish in your pc.

4) Now after downloading, goto your system tray and look for clownfish icon .

5) Right click on clownfish icon and hover your mouse to VOICE CHANGER.

6) Now you will get options of voice such as Male & Female, choose as per your choice.

Now you can chat with your friends by changing your voice. Clownfish has lot more features also, just use it and enjoy.