Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hello All, "HOW TO HACK FACEBOOK ACCOUNT" , this quote is amongst top 5 in google search so I am going to guide you through this trick. Hacking facebook account is not a easy deal but still some certified hackers can do it easily. Don't worry you don't have to learn any hacking courses. The trick which I am going to disclose is exactly not a type of hacking, its a minded trick through which you can hack. This is also known as " REVERSE HACKING ". 

To getting success in this trick you have to create 3 fake accounts and make sure they are in friend list of that particular person whose account you are going to hack. 

This tutorial is only for educational purpose, Don't use it with wrong intension.


1) Firstly goto Facebook and click on Forgot your Password.

2) Now in next window put victims username, as we all know finding anyone's username is as easy as abc. And click on search.
3) In Next window you can see victim's account. Click on " This is My Account ".
4) Next step will take you to the Reset Password window, their you can see half hidden email and mobile numbers of your victim, ignore that and Click on " No Longer have Access To These ".
5) Here comes the main trick, now in new window you can see two options, one is NEW EMAIL and another is CONFIRM NEW EMAIL, just put any of your emails which is not associated with facebook previously and click on continue.
6) Now if victim account is protected with security question then you will see a security question page, if you know victim's security question then your task is completed, but sometimes if victim's account is not protected with security question then you can see a new window with " Recover your account through friends ". Click on continue.

7) Now here comes the task of your three fake accounts. In this step you can see some friend's list, select your three fake accounts one by one and click on continue.
8) Here comes last steps with confirmation of three friend's whom you want to send codes, but make sure all three accounts which you choosen is your's fake account so that you can access all three codes. If you did everything right then finally click on " Send codes to friends ".
After selecting three friend's, facebook will send security codes to the Email address associated with those fake accounts. Login to each account and fill the security codes in the same manner.

◘ Now you will get password reset E-mail on Email address that you have entered in fifth step.

◘ Bravo !! You Did It, Now Your Friend's Account is HACKED !!