Thursday, 10 January 2013

How people get your paypal and payza passwords

How people get your paypal and payza passwords

Hi guys when searching the internet I recently came across, a software called Bintext which reads the source code of any software directly. When I often tried (i think everyone would have done it) to add some free money to my alertpay (payza) and paypal account with some software which are always fake. I just saw the source code of the software of that free money generating thing. I found that the software like these are always scam and they are the WORMS. They actually send the password (which actually is required for logging in through that soft) to a email and the owner/creator of this WORM gets the login details of your account resulting in either loss of money or the whole account. I would also like to share the soft with you.

Before sharing the soft I like to show the details on how to get the email used in the WORM.

Heres the file for free, Enjoy!

These softs can also be other kinda of VIRUS, which also sends the data saved by browsers,