Friday, 29 March 2013

What Happens When We Click Refresh??

Everyone uses REFRESH in Windows many times…. have you ever wondered what would this option actually do in the backend…. Lets learn about it today….

False Assumptions

Some people assumes that it refreshes the RAM, while some others believe that doing it will somehow keep their PCs running smooth and easy. I have seen users obsessed with refreshing the desktop, doing it every 30 seconds or so. They have even learnt the keyboard shortcut – F5 (just to mention, these are the people who never use keyboard shortcuts). They would press the key and hold it down for a long time, sending the desktop into a frenzy of refreshes.
People are under the false impression that doing so will increase the speed and performance of the system. This belief is passed to them from their computer gurus and they religiously follow what they have been told and it become part of their daily life just like chanting a mantra .

The Truth

Technically , if you press refresh , the system is taking few micro seconds out of its life to serve your idiotic request and if you right click and refresh continuously , the system will slow down a bit because of the extra hard disk read write cycles it has to perform.
Refreshing the desktop simply redraws the icons on the desktop. That’s it! It doesn’t refreshes the RAM. It doesn’t clean your PC. It doesn’t refreshes your computer the way it refreshes you when you wake up from a nap. Refreshing the desktop has absolutely no effect on the performance of the computer.
So be aware of what refresh option does for you and use it more productively….. instead of using it continuosly which would kill your CPU Cycles….

Monday, 18 March 2013

How To Change Facebook Login Screen Background

How To Change Facebook Login Screen Background

Most of the people are using Facebook these days. It is the #1 social networking website in the world. I want to ask you a question, Are you tired of using the same old blue login screen on Facebook and want to customize it? 

If your answer is yes then you are at the right place. Today i am going to tell you about a simple   Google chrome extension with which you can customize the login screen.

FB Refresh is a nice chrome extension which enables you to change the background images on Facebook login screen.

Click here to Install FB Refresh

How To Change Facebook Login Screen Background

After installing this extension go to settings-> extensions-> FB Refresh and click on options. You have to enter the url of the background image which you want to use as background image or you can upload an image from your computer. You can edit whether the image should be displayed in horizontal or vertical and many other options. 

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There are a lot of people all over the world whose mobile phone was stolen or lost. Because mobile phone is a device which has its own serial number called IMEI we can do something to increase possibility to find it or to prevent usage of it.


First of all the case should be reported to your mobile operator and to local police station. After this you can submit your phones IMEI number to global stolen phones database. A lot of people checks thedatabase and can recognize your mobile before buying it from second hand (if it is submited in database). If you are not sure what phone model and manufacturer you have check here.


Is it possible to trace your phone? Well, actualy it is possible, but it depends where your mobile is, how much will your operator care about your phone, what kind of software is instaled on your lost or stolen phone, what did new owner do to prevent finding it and few more things…


The best way is to do something by yourself. There is a lot of software on the internet which allows you to get information about the current user of your phone, location (if your phone supports GPS), to delete your phonebook remotely, to lock your phone etc…
Check the program list for  anti-theft, tracking, locating software for mobile phones which works on different platforms, some of them are FREE and some are commercial


Your phones IMEI number can be changed but not so easy as it was with old mobile phones. Now chips and electronic is not done the same way because it is not rewritable as you want. It is one time writable and not rewritable. Changing chips on mobile phones motherboard is harder and not everybody have a knowledge to change it… if they know how then they will do it but it could be very expensive because it is harder. The question is if the price is still acceptable.

Monday, 4 March 2013

How to Automatically Poke Back Friends on Facebook

How to Automatically Poke Back Friends on Facebook

Poke is a feature led by facebook to get attention of any user, well you can compare it wit the Buzz option we had in Yahoo Chat, so we used to click on Buzz and then the other person's chat used to vibrate and make sounds to get their attention, its somewhat same but yes off course it does not make your screen vibrate but if leave a notification without any message or anything but just saying that person poked you and you can poke him back to say yes I remember you :)
So now manually poking back to many person's might be a big problem so we have simple solution to this thing by making this process automatic. Now we have two options by which you can make this thing automatic. The one is by using the chrome extension that will work only in chrome and the other one is Userscript that will work in both Chrome and Firefox.

Auto Poke Back using Chrome Extension

poke-all-for-chromeWell Poke All for Chrome extension gives you the possibility to poke all your friends back all together with one click. Well yes it even has that automatic feature which you can select and every poke will be reverted back automatically. So now you can install this extension only in chrome.
So now after installation just visit Facebook and click on this hand icon in your status bar now you c will see all your pokes you can select Auto Poke or just click on the Poke All option.

Auto Poke Back using UserScript

Well there is even a simple userscript that can be installed in Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser, so Facebook Autopoke userscript does the same job but its totally automatic. So you will need Greasemonkey installed in your Firefox browser to get this script working.
For the chrome browser you can install this script directly but you will need to follow this easy tutorial on installing 3rd party extension and scripts in chrome.
So that's it now you can every Poke you receive will be reverted back automatically, if you find any problem do comment.