Monday, 14 January 2013

Will Ubuntu disturb the Android market??

From the time of Introduction of the Ubuntu mobile OS in the market, its the talk of the town, how it is going to establish itself in the existing market. How it can compete with the Android like OS which is also an open source and already integrated deep down. How people gonna react it....

It is well known that it going to take some time to replace Android like OS(It can happen only if Ubuntu is worth of it)..Looking at the first look of Ubuntu..It looks very promising...Check this video

This introduction of Ubuntu mobile OS can in-turn help to Ubuntu and Open source community more.. Because the Ubuntu all in one strategy will be more beneficial ..It will give a good foundation to what they are trying to achieve...Since all user data come into one cloud that is Ubuntu One..Means user can access the data from Ubuntu One from Ubuntu desktop Os, mobile and on internet from non-Ubuntu system..Isn't that great??  :)

Looking at video, I don't find any flaws and drawback compared to that of Android, ios, RIM etc..Its very flexible and smooth too..

But replacing in the existing market is going to be little touch..Because Apple never think of any other, but it holds 18% , Google has just took over the Motorola, so most of the Motorola devices will be shipped with the Android OS, Nokia collaborated with the Windows OS, so no hopes there too...Below is the market share of all these operating system in the market, Snny mobiles and Samsung doing good with Android OS.. Only giant in the market that with not doing good with these OS is HTC..There are some hopes that HTC will come with Ubuntu mobile OS and there are some rumors too

Since India and China are some of the countries with largest mobile selling records which again have many small firm selling the products such as Micromax, LAVA, Karbonn etc etc

There is possibility that these well established comapnies can come forward, or any newbies can use because Ubuntu is free and always will be..I don't think the OS like Symbian and Bada will make a major differnce to OS like this...Just we got to wait and watch what differnce the world will see.... :)