Friday, 28 December 2012

Hack Facebook, Gmail, and Much More using All In One Keylogger [[ Software ]]:-

Wanna Hack Accounts of Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and much more sites ?? Then follow the steps carefully and I am fully sure you will like this post. This trick is 100% working because I personally checked this. You just have to put your Email username & passwords. Don't worry it's safe, actually this keylogger use your password to send the keystrokes and logs files to your email id which you will fill here. Still if you are thinking about security of your account than I recommend you to use any fake email id and password just for testing this keylogger is safe or not.

Note : Please fill valid Email Ids and Passwords else you will not get victim's logs.

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Password : cstricks


1) Firstly you have to decide that you want victim's pc screenshot or not, here you can set your duration of log details too.

2) Next you can choose your keyloggers name and place where you want to install this keylogger in victim's pc like My music, My pictures, etc.
3) Here you can spread your malware anywhere on the Internet.
4) Here create custom message boxes at runtime to fool your victim. ( This is an optional feature ).
5) In this step you can put name of website which will open in the victim's browser ( This is an optional feature ).
6) Here in this area if you want that your victim has a sharp mindso you must use this option you should bind a jpeg file or any file you want here you should use your own social engineering that what your victim likes the most . ( This feature is optional )

7) Here also some are useful options that you want to steal their passwords which are stored in the browser and which homepage you want to set. ( This feature is optional ).

8) This option is very important. In this option you can block many things in your victim’s pc like block cmd, block shutdown and many more.

9) This step enable you to setup the server's file metadata such as copyright, description, version, etc.

10) This is the final step for setting up your own keylogger. After this process you will be able to have your own custom build server for spreading.

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